Boneyard Barbell LLC Waiver

Acknowledgment of Risks, Injury & Obligations

I acknowledge that the activity I am to undertake is a dangerous activity and that by participating in it I am exposed to certain risks. I acknowledge and understand that whilst participating in such activity:

  • I may be injured, physically or mentally, or may die;
  • My personal property may be lost or damaged;
  • Other persons participating in such activity may cause me injury or may damage my property
  • I may cause injury to other persons or damage their property
  • The conditions in which the activity is conducted may vary without warning
  • I may be injured or die or suffer damage to my property as a result of the negligence or breach of contract of Boneyard Barbell LLC
  • There may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of me if I am injured
  • I assume the risk of and responsibility for any injury, death or property damage resulting from my participation in the activity.

Release and Indemnity

 I participate in the activity at my sole risk and responsibility. I release, indemnify and hold harmless, Boneyard Barbell LLC its servants and agents, from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever.

If any portion of this Waiver is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions shall be in full force and effect. The invalidity of any provision shall not invalidate the remaining provisions of this Waiver.

Any and all disputes relating in any way to Boneyard Barbell, LLC, including but not limited to those arising out of this agreement, shall be litigated in Carteret County, North Carolina. The choice of law of such suits shall be North Carolina law.

 I release indefinite responsibility, and I acknowledge that activity that I undertake is inherently dangerous and I assume full risk and responsibility for any damages or injury or consequential damages or any other possible damages that may result from my activity.


  • Memberships are not refundable or transferable.
  • All posted gym rules must be followed. Failure to follow posted gym rules may result in forfeiture of membership.
  • All weights and equipment must be put back after use.
  • Boneyard Barbell LLC reserves the right to charge member with damage to equipment due to negligence or non-permitted use.
  • Shared gym access with a non-member may result in forfeiture of membership.
  • Each member must respect other gym users and behave in an appropriate manner at all times.
  • Boneyard Barbell LLC reserves the right to rescind the rights of members not complying with the terms and conditions of the membership.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 may only be in the gym while staff is present.
  • Boneyard Barbell LLC may use photos or videos taken at the facility for merchandising, advertising, and/or publicity.