Available Equipment

Free weights

  • Rogue bumper plates
  • Ghost calibrated powerlifting plates

  • 10-150 pound dumbbells in 5 pound increments
  •  Two Hammer strength adjustable bench
  • Rogue AB-3 adjustable bench 
  • Rogue deadlift platform with band begs
  • Hammer strength deadlift platform 
  • Monolift
  •  power rack
  • Half rack on lifting platform 
  • Rogue kettlebells 13-88 pounds
  • Rogue medicine balls


  • Rogue 25MM IWF Olympic
  • Weightlifting bar
  • Rogue 28MM IWF Olympic
  • Weightlifting Bar
  • Rogue 28 MM PYRROS BAR
  • Texas Squat bar
  • Texas deadlift bar
  • Four Texas power bars
  • Rogue Squat bar
  • Rogue deadlift bar
  • Two rogue ohio power bar
  • Kabuki Strength Squat bar
  • Kabuki Strength Deadlift Bar
  • Kabuki Strength Dufflo bar
  • Rogue Matt Chan bar
  • Elitefts safety Squat bar
  • Two Rogue multi grip bars
  • Kabuki strength open trap bar
  • Earthquake Bar
  • Rogue Fat axle bar
  • Cambered bar


  • Dynabody Power press
  • Dynabody Super squat machine
  • Dynabody Glute bridge machine
  • Elite fts leg curl/leg extension combo
  • Arsenal strength leg press
  • Arsenal Strength Hack Squat
  • Rogue Rhino Belt Squat
  • Cable Crossover
  • Rogue Monster Lat pulldown
  • DynaBody standing leg curl
  • Hammer strength leg extensions
  • Hammer strength leg press
  • Legion fitness GHD
  • Texas strength 45 degree Back extension/chest supported row combo
  • Westside barbell Reverse hyper
  • 80” Ronin Pro Series Plyometric Machine
  • Flex fitness peck deck

Cardio Equipment

  • Concept-two rower
  • Rogue Echo Bike
  • Cybex 625 treadmill
  • Lifetime fitness 95t treadmill

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